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    Meet Our Pros

Our PGA Professional staff is dedicated to making golf a fun game for as many people as possible.

We offer a variety of lesson programs to provide convenient, reasonably priced options for golfers of all abilities, gender and ages. These include programs such as Get Golf Ready for groups, The First Tee for Juniors, Ladies Only Clinics and even “Swing Tips and a Beer with the Pro.”

  • Nate Corsbie

    Nate Corsbie – Eagle Ranch Head Golf Professional

    Nate has been a member of the PGA since 2007 and Head Golf Professional at Eagle Ranch the last three seasons. He also worked two seasons as the First Assistant and a season as a PGM Intern at Eagle Ranch prior to becoming the Head Golf Professional. Nate’s teaching philosophy is that all students can improve by focusing on the fundamentals of a sound grip, good posture and ball placement. He has a strong understanding of the cause and effects of swing faults and how to correct them.
  • Mike Allen

    Mike Allen – Eagle Ranch Assistant Professional

    Mike is a PGA Member and has worked at several golf courses in Wisconsin and Arizona. He has also taught skiing for many years and is an avid tennis player. He enjoys relating his experience in these sports when teaching golf.
  • Jeff Boyer

    Jeff Boyer – Eagle Ranch Director of Golf

    Jeff has been a member of the PGA since 1996 and the “Pro” at Eagle Ranch since it opened in 2001. He enjoys sharing his passion for the game with his students and believes that they should first focus on the target and create a positive mental image of their shot, whether it is on the putting green or at the tee. He also believes that a proper swing plane is the best way to achieve consistent shot-making.
  • Erica Webster

    Erica Webster – Eagle Ranch Teaching Professional

    Erica has been a member of the PGA since 1997 and has taught at Eagle Ranch for the past four seasons. Prior to coming to Eagle Ranch, Erica was the Head Golf Professional at the Cordillera Mountain Course in Edwards, CO. Erica especially enjoys teaching women and helping to improve their knowledge and skill. An accomplished player herself, she has a great understanding of the skills required to play at a high level, but also has the ability to simplify the basic fundamentals for a beginning golfer.
  • Nicole Matthews

    Nicole Matthews – Eagle Ranch Assistant Professional

    Nicole worked five seasons at Eagle Ranch on the Outside Service Team before joining our instructional staff. She is a Vail Valley native, raised in Eagle, and was the golf team captain for Eagle Valley High School as well as helped coach the EVHS team. Nicole also played two years of college golf for Lyon College in Arkansas and is excited to pursue her PGA member certification beginning the fall of 2021.


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